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How to Get Rid of Hickeys

Learn How to Get Rid of Hickeys

Seen as an act of love, having your skin sucked by your loved one may not concern you very much at first, but a hickey has a rather unpleasant effect on your appearance. The first reaction youths have is to try and conceal its presence as much as possible, not knowing how to get rid of a hickey they will hide it for as long as possible in the hope that it will disappear naturally. A hickey is seen as a sign of commitment, a sort of pledge if you will, and it is normally attributed to young couples who will do their utmost to leave their mark on one another. These young boys and girls will get rather alarmed at first, seeing how there is no guideline on how to get rid of hickies or at least no effective one. So how does one go about getting rid of an unwanted

Understanding what a hickey is

Before getting into the matter of how to get rid of a hickey you might want to educate yourself on the matter of “what” a hickey really is. You see, the warm feeling you experience when getting a hickey is a result of the pain sensors at the surface of your skin trying to tell you that blood capillaries are being broken. When a certain area of your skin is sucked on over a period of time, small blood capillaries will break, thus forming small blood clots around the area. At first, the area appears red due to the blood clots but as time passes, they will develop a dark shade. At this point, it has become obvious that this has a negative cosmetic effect, especially if the hickey is in a visible location.

How to free yourself of hickeys forever

get rid of hickeysPresuming that striding along the street with a giant black dot on your face isn’t something that you would normally do, you will definitely want it off your face as soon as possible. Unfortunately, soon as possible may not come soon enough. Most guidelines on how to get rid of hickeys revolve around naturalistic medicine at best, and dangerous practices at worst, so you might want to educate yourself on the matter carefully before undergoing any potentially dangerous procedure. You see, there are a number of well known “treatments” for a hickey but their effectiveness varies from person to person as their body reacts slightly differently to having their skin sucked on (giggity). As dirty as this may sound, a hickey is nothing more than an external lesion from a medical point of view, and will have to be treated as one accordingly. During normal circumstances, a hickey disappears naturally over a period of two weeks. If however, you are wondering how to get rid of a hickey effectively, you might want to follow a series of easy steps.

First of all, you should consider cold pressing as it breaks down the blood clots slowly but effectively. You basically soak a piece of cloth or cotton in cold water and use the fabric to press down on your hickey. The cold temperature will slowly dissolve the dried blood clots and making it easier for you to remove them in a matter of hours.

An equally effective method is hot pressing, and although it is similar to cold pressing apart from the temperature, hot pressing should be used sooner than later as it is most effective against blood clots that did not have the time to dry off. The warm temperature heats the hickey and expands the capillaries thus enabling you to simply brush the hickey off little by little.

If all fails, maybe you should hide the hickey

Maybe we don’t know much about How to get rid of a hickey or maybe you’re just bad at following directions. Either way, if the hot / cold compress methods prove to be uneffective, you should start worrying about how to successfully conceal it. This can easily be done with the use of a cosmetic concealer you are sure to find in a regular cosmetic kit. Bear in mind that the shade of the concealer must be of a lighter shade than your skin tone. Darker skin concealer will just make the area more visible which is something the ladies will already know. If you’re a guy, you might want to try appropriate clothes for the matter, especially those with turtlenecks or high neck shirts. Scarves may also prove to be a effective but you don’t want to wear scarves during summer. At the end of the day, it would be best if you just avoided hickeys altogether and talk with your s/o about different ways you could suck on each other’s skin in an enjoyable fashion.

04 SepYou Don’t Have to Hide, Get Rid of a Hickey Now!

How to Get Rid of Hickeys

Get Rid of a Hickey or Else!

Watch the video below and read the hickey removal tips, that are filled with great tips to help you get rid of a hickey quickly, sometimes overnight.

Hickey Remedy #1-The Cold Method-Take an ice cube in your hand and rub it on the hickey until it melts. Make sure that you move the ice cube around and press down on the hickey with a little pressure. This will help move things around and reduce the swelling of the hickey. This technique works really well when you catch the hickey early in its life cycle. It is a great way toget rid of a hickey quickly. You may need to repeat this step a couple of times with a new ice cube. There will be a little discomfort with the ice cube in your hand and if you are having a tough time dealing with it, then you can wrap the ice cube in a paper towel and just leave the tip of the ice cube exposed. You can also switch hands, so one hand does not get too cold. You can also use the frozen spoon method, which is where you use a spoon from the freezer in place of an ice cube, but the ice cube remedy is obviously much easier to do.

Hickey Remedy #2 – The Hot Method- This method toget rid of a hickeyshould be used only if the hickey is tough to get rid. It should also not be used until a day or 2 after the hickey appears, as you can possibly make the hickey worse and more apparent. This method works by placing a warm compress on the hickey for 15 minutes. If you do not have a compress, then you can use a warm towel that you have put water on and put in the microwave or by soaking a tea bag in hot water and placing it on the hickey. Make sure that you test the temperature of the towel to ensure that it is not too hot, as you do not want to burn yourself or make the hickey worse off. Remember that we are trying to heal the bruise and notre-injurethe affected area.

First off, we need to learn a little bit about what a hickey is and how they come to appear on your skin. With this knowledge and understanding, we will be better armed to go about removing the hickey, so bear with us as we walk you through some hickey basics. Hickeys form from suction on the skin’s surface, causing your blood vessels to burst and leaving the nasty bruise-like coloration. Most times the suction comes from another person kissing you a little too long, or the rare case of playing with suction cups by yourself. Most of the time hickeys appear around the neck area, because the skin is a lot softer and more vulnerable to a hickey. richard maize . This is also a very inconvenient place, as it is hard to cover your neck especially if it is summer. So now that we have the basics in line, lets get on to removing hickeys.

How to Get Rid of a Hickey

How to Get Rid of Hickeys

Learn How to Get Rid of a Hickey

Here are the simplest and also the easiest ways to get rid of hickeys. You should start with the first one and then move on to the second remedy if the first does not work. You may not even need the second remedy if your hickey disappears with the first one.

Try these hickey removal methods and remove that nasty eye sore. These methods will work and of course the sooner that you use the first method, the better off your chances are of containing the hickey(s). herve leger . You can also massage the area lightly to encourage blood flow to the area and ultimately healing the bruise. Next time be more careful, unless of course you like the sensation of getting a hickey, especially now that you know how to get rid of hickeys.

Anyone that has lived long enough, has most likely gotten a hickey and if that is the case, then they have given a hickey too. That is one of the things about hickeys, they do not travel alone and they are contagious (not really, but they seem to be at least). So you must know the proper technique toget rid of a hickey, if you are to go out in public and not feel ashamed about your appearance. There are some old methods that work to conceal or hide the hickey, but do you want to cover yourself up if you don’t have to? We know a couple of easy to use at home hickey remedies, sure to remove your hickey faster than letting nature run its course. These methods are so easy, that anyone can do them and they are completely safe to do. You do not have to be a scientist to apply these methods and they only take a couple of minutes to perform. You do have to repeat them to get the desired effect of no more hickey, but it is completely worth it if you can’t stand being seen in public with a nasty hickey on your neck.

20 JulEasy Hickey Removal

How to Get Rid of a Hickey: The Right Way


You have a hickey and you are a little embarassed? If this is true, then there are some sure-fire ways to get rid of that unsightly hickey. The majority of hickeys tend to show up in the most inconvenient of places, like the neck or around the shoulders. Unfortunately, unless it is winter and you are wearing a turtle neck, you are out of options clothing wise to cover up the hickey. Then you must resort to the tried and tested methods of removing that hickey. nike free 3.0 . The first thing to do is to act quickly on the hickey. Do not give it more time on your neck than it deserves. It will hang around on your skin as long as you let it, but don’t you dare give it a day in the sun. Most people do not realize how easy it is to get rid of a hickey, so they live with the visible embarrassment of what happened the night before. This is fine for some people, and bless their hearts, but for those who have a job or life that does not permit a hickey showing up in it, then you must take the following steps.

  • Isolate the hickey and identify any of its friends. Hickeys like to travel in packs, so be on the lookout for multiple hickeys.
  • Once you have id’ed the hickeys, then you must take swift action to remove them. Use an ice-cube and rub on the surface of the hickey. Rub it back and forth, pressing down on the hickey with a little bit of force on the hickey. Roll the skin with the ice-cube, making sure you get some movement of the blood. The ice helps to move the hickey and get some fresh cells to come take it away.
  • Repeat the previous step as necessary. The more you do this, the quicker the hickey will disappear. It will be a little uncomfortable and you have to overcome this if you want to get rid of that hickey. Would you rather live with the shame of the hickey or 2 minutes of a little ice pain?

How to Get Rid of a Hickey: Advanced Method

If the hickey just won’t go away, you need to take more drastic measures and take them straight to the hickey. The key in all of this is to act quickly and contain the hickey (s). After you have tried the ice-cube method and waited 24 hours, then its time to switch to the opposite end of the spectrum and use heat. richard maize . Put a warm compress on the site of the hickey and leave it on there for a couple of minutes. You can use a hand towel and run in under some warm water if you do not have a compress. Anything that can bring a little warmth to the hickey to get things flowing will surely help remove your hickey.This method, when used after the ice-cube method is like a one-two punch and the hickey won’t know what hit it. It will be retreating down from whence it came and you will be hickey free. The key to all of this is take action quickly against the hickey and its forces, otherwise you could be in for a long wait while the hickey celebrates its victory over you social standing.

How to Get Rid of a Hickey: Mission Accomplished

Thanks for stopping by and let us know how this hickey remedy worked for you. We are always looking for feedback on our techniques and readers just like you, who are out in the field fighting the good fight against these eye sores are our biggest help. Looking forward to your hickey success!

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How to get rid of hickeys

Sometimes people end up having hickeys in regions that areunacceptableto their working environment and they may land up with some troubles with their boss. You must know how to get rid of hickeys in such situations. You know that they naturally take some days to be off your skin; however, you do not have this amount time. richard maize . There are possible hints as to get rid of these red marks in the shortest ways which are sometimes painful. Hickeys vary in their intensity with the skin region and some may appear darker than others. It is only bruising the blood vessels which spill out some blood just under your skin. No great deal to worry about when you know how it is formed and it is not dangerous. joel leyden seo . The best ways on how to get rid of hickeys are generally massages.Usually, massages are some kind of means to help into a better and smoother blood circulation in the human body. That is why it also gets rid of pain. Having a massage will help to make a hickey disappear. Practically, the massage can be done with some proper shaped massage tools, but it is not essential to look for professional massage tools. With some caps, you can perform a constant massage which will help in making the hickey disappear faster. While for sensitive skins, it can make the problem bigger. beats audio . Hickeys are no such problem when they are legal, and by legal it is meant that the making of it is allowed by the owners body and the close relative of the owner. In simpler terms, it has been done while cheating on your partner then the hickey is considered illegal and you would try all the best ways of how to get rid of hickeys. Searching on the web provides many ways of how to get rid of hickeys, but some are effective while others are not. One site advises people to rub on a half onion on the region while the onion juices spill on the skin during the massage. Another review of how to get rid of hickeys says about using ice cubes on the hickey while the massaging it as well. The sole remedy relates to a constant massage session of about one hour onto the skin where the hickey appears and thus allowing the blood to disperse into your flesh. This will remove or quickly lighten the hickey on your skin. 

29 JunHickeys are Not Meant to Be Seen

How to get Rid of Hickeys

Just like the post says, hickeys should not be seen by most people. They are the consequence of too much fun and in our Puritanical society, they are looked down upon, no matter how much fun they were in the process. There are a lot of reasons why you want to get rid of the hickey, but not necessarily the memory. shoes for tennis . So, from here the best all around way to get rid of a hickey is to rub an ice cube on the surface. beats by dr dre . This will help remove the hickey and before you know it you will be hickey free.One thing you might want to learn is how to get hickeys in places that are not visible, so you can hide the hickey under your clothes. alojamiento en buenos aires . This will prevent all issues that you have with the hickeys and other people seeing the hickeys. There are a lot of reasons why you don’t want a hickey to show up in front of other people in a work environment or other situation, but they are ok to show around your friends. Hickeys may not look very pretty, but they sure are fun :) We recommend keeping the hickey under the clothing line, or if you are in an emergency, place ice on the hickey for 10 – 15 minutes. This will help the swelling and move the blood, thus alleviating your hickey.

27 JunHow to Get Rid of Hickeys Right Away!

Sure Ways to Get Rid Of HickeysIt can be very unbecoming to have hickey on your body, especially when you cant cover it up with clothing. In case you really want to get rid of them, you will do well to follow all the info that I have made available below. It is sure to get you overly informed and equipped to get rid of hickeys within a very short period of time. Most if not all the info that I will be revealing will show you very simple and natural ways to get rid of your hickey.A Simple Understanding of HickeysIn case you do not know much about hickeys or you are not even sure whether that swelling on your skin is a hickey, you should read this short piece here. A hickey appears as a kind of small swelling on your skin and it has blood accumulated in it. legal translation singapore . It usually maintains a small shape and can be found on several parts of the body.Hard way the only way?I am about to reveal a hard way to get rid of hickey to you. I call it hard way because it is a very painful way to get things done. It involves the application of very hard brush against the surface of the hickey and rubbing it hard. nike air max . This will help to forcefully remove the hickey and splatter its water undercover of your skin. curso a distancia . It may be painful, but it is also a reliable way to get the whole messy job done. While you are applying this method, it is better not to cut the hickey. Nipping it will only make it larger. Instead, rub with the brush.The use of iceOver and over, ice had been discovered to be able to get rid of hickey. If you want to get rid of hickey, you can simply apply ice directly to the surface and magically the hickey disappears! 

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